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Plastic Drying Mixer

Plastic drying mixer is mainly applied to the dry and mixture of the powder, crushed materials and water washing recovered materials. The equipment uses material pushing blades to loosen the compacted materials by turbine high-speed spin. The high speed revolution plastic particles rub and impact each other, and lead to friction heating. By this way, the water in the materials will quickly evaporate through the exhaust pipes. The drying effect is quite good.

1. Plastic drying mixer has temperature and time controlling buttons, which make it convenient to set the parameters.

2. Plastic drying mixing machine features good heat insulation performance due to the double layer reservation structure.

3. This plastic drying equipment uses stainless steel inner containers and shells which have good anti-corrosion performance. It is convenient to clean them up.

4. The high speed revolution plastic particles rub and impact each other which can lead to friction heating. This method can dry and mix the materials effectively at the same time.

5. Plastic drying mixer has functions like automatic temperature controlling, timing, overload protection, so that can ensure a much safer operation.

Parameters : (The voltage, blades and assigned functions are marked behind)
Type Power(HP) Capacity (KG) Voltage(V) Shape size (MM) Speed(r/min) Net weight(KG)
FMD-25 7.5 25 3φ 380 1000*690*1240 480 200
FMD-50 10 50 3φ 380 1170*830*1350 480 230
FMD-100 20 100 3φ 380 1340*980*1520 480 270
FMD-200 40 200 3φ 380 1700*1300*1700 400 700

1. F-Muchuan; H- Horizontal Design; M- Plastic Mixer ,D-High speed Drying; Number: Capacity of the material bucket (KG).

2. The standard motor is Dongguan secondary energy consumption motor.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: 316#stainless steel, the inlet and the outlet of the material.

1. Schneider and Zhengtai Electric.

2. Dongguan motor. (YE3 secondary energy consumption motor)

3. Bearings: Imported bearings from Japan and Fushan bearing.

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