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Horizontal Plastic Mixer

Horizontal plastic mixer is mainly applied to the mixture of plastic granules (such as PP, PE, PET, PVC, PU), color masterbatch or toner, additives, waste particles, etc. The spindle of the mixer is driven by the motor, and the blades stir the materials, so that the material can be evenly stirred.

1. The material of horizontal plastic mixer's buckets and blades is stainless steel, so it is convenient to clean the device up and prolong the working life.

2. The material buckets can lean as much as 100 degree which can exchange the material easily.

3. Horizontal plastic mixing machine owns safety interlock which can ensure the security of the users and the equipment.

4. Users can set the mixing time from 0 minute to 30 minutes by the timer.

Parameters : (The voltage, blades and assigned functions are marked behind)
Type Power(HP) Capacity (KG) Voltage(V) Shape size (MM) Speed(r/min) Net weight(KG)
FHM-100 3 100 3φ 380 1100*850*1300 65 300
FHM-150 5.5 150 3φ 380 1400*850*1300 65 360
FHM-200 7.5 200 3φ 380 1580*1000*1400 65 530
FHM-250 10 250 3φ 380 1870*1000*1500 65 650

1. F-Muchuan; H- Horizontal Design; M- Plastic Mixer , Number: Capacity of the material bucket (KG).

2. The standard motor is Guomao cycloid pin gear transmission motor.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: 316#stainless steel, the inlet and the outlet of the material.

1. Schneider and Zhengtai Electric.

2. Cycloid pin gear transmission motor. (Guomao gear motor)

3. Bearings: Imported bearings from Japan and Fushan bearing.

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