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Plastic Gravimetric Blender

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Plastic gravimetric blender is mainly applied to mixing many kinds of materials according to the proportion accurately during the process of injection molding, pressing and blow molding. Plastic gravimetric blender uses PLC controllers and the advanced batching algorithm. Each time the equipment is started, it will automatically take calibration to ensure the accuracy. Plastic gravimetric blender adopts high accuracy weight sensors which can help to control the proportion error between ±0.1%~±0.3% ( The numerical value of error is decided by the set proportion.)

Features of structure
1. Plastic gravimetric blender's main machine can be disassembled so it can save the space and be conveniently cleaned up. The controllers are equipped with USB2.0 interfaces. The mixing material proportion data can be saved in the USB flash disk. So it can be convenient to control the produce process.

2. This gravimetric blender is equipped with touch screens which own color graphic display system and many language models to be selected.

3. Plastic gravimetric blending unit has sound and light alarms in order to help the equipment managers to get the scene of the fault equipment.

4. All the parts contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel which can prevent the pollution of the materials.

5. Our gravimetric blender can be installed on the plastic molding machines immediately or be installed on the side of the plastic machines together with the foot stool as the moving type discharging valves.

6. Plastic gravimetric blender uses PLC controllers which are reliable and easily maintained.

Features of functions:
Plastic gravimetric blender uses advanced dosing algorithm which can help to take autonomous optimization, autonomous check, autonomous compensation and the prevention of the vibrations. This function can ensure the best accuracy. Plastic gravimetric blender can deal with 4 kinds of raw materials at the same time. And it can save over 100 recipes at most.

Models FGB-50 FGB-100 FGB-200 FGB-400 FGB-600 FGB-800 FGB-1200 FGB-2000 FGB-2500 FGB-3000
Recipe 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Mixing capacity(kg/h) 50 100 200 400 600 800 1200 2000 2500 3000
Batch weight(kg) 0.6 1.2 2.2 4.5 6 8 12 20 25 30
Raw materials mixing proportion range(%) 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100 5~100
Additive material proportion range (%) 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10 0.5~10
Main material barrel capacity (L) 18 25 32 45 70 100 130 160 180 230
Additive barrel capacity (L) 18 25 32 45 70 100 130 160 180 230
Stirring barrel capacity (L) 6 6 20 20 40 40 80 80 100 180
Battery(V/HZ) 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50 1Ø230/50
Total power(KW) 0.12 0.12 0.25 0.25 0.55 0.55 1.5 1.5 1.5 3
Compressed air (kgf/c㎡ ) 6~8
Noise level (Db) < 75

1. F-Muchuan; G- Gravimetric Design; B-Blender; Number-Diameter of the screw. single-color machine equipped with mixers is marked with "MX" behind the model.

2. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

3. The proportion error of the mixed materials is the difference value between the set percentage and the real percentage.

4. The standard valves are not suitable for the powder material.

5. The max treatment capacity and the proportion errors are measured in a standard condition where the even material particles whose diameters are 3~4mm and packing densities are 0.8kg/㎡ continuously operate.

1. Plastic volumetric dosing unit uses Siemens PLC.

2. Plastic volumetric dosing unit adopts Taiwan Weiluntong SVGA.

3. The stirring motor is Jingyan motor produced by a Sino-German joint venture.

4. The brand of solenoid valves is German FESTO, and the brand of cylinders is Isiah.

5. The brand of weight sensor is Celtron and the material level indicator is IFM.

6. The screw is made of stainless steel and chromium plated.

7. The accuracy of the proportion is ±0.3%. The parts of the unit which can touch the materials are made of stainless steel.

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