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Industrial Plastic Dryer

    1. Hopper Plastic Dryer
    2. Hopper Plastic DryerHopper plastic dryer is the more economical and effective model to dry the plastic materials. It can dry the materials which are damped during the packaging, transporting and recovering. The equipment can be installed on the plastic moulding machines which can help save the space and quickly be installed.
    1. Portable Plastic Dryer
    2. Portable Plastic DryerPortable plastic dryer is applied to dry all kinds of plastic raw materials, and it can also dry different materials with different colors, especially the materials which require high temperature accuracy, have many colors but little quantity.
    1. Industrial Plastic Dehumidifier
    2. Industrial Plastic DehumidifierIndustrial plastic dehumidifier is mainly applied to the dehumidification of the plastic raw materials. It needs to be cooperated with the hot air dryer. It can produce dry air and reduce the water content of the plastic particles to 0.2% together with the hot air dryer.
    1. Plastic Dehumidifier Dryer Feeder Machine
    2. Plastic Dehumidifier Dryer Feeder MachinePlastic dehumidifier dryer feeder machine is mainly applied to the dehumidifying, drying and feeding of the raw materials. It mainly produce dry air and reduce the water content in the plastic particles to 0.02% together with the hot air dryers and have a good molding effect.