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Pre-sales service
We will make quick response to the customers' price inquiry information in 8 hours, and select the suitable products according to customers' requirements.

We will explain the functions, applications, specifications, the methods of processing and specific operations to our customers in time.

We will make quote details according to the specific types of our customers' appointed products.

The quotation includes tax, freight, packaging, warranty period and validity of the price.

We will make the product sales contract and write the agreed items into the contract after receiving the approval of the order from the customer.

The contract shall be signed or sealed by both parties, then we will start our production process.

On-purchase service
We will report to our customers on the actual production status, production cycles, production schedules in time during the production process.

We will take a good pre-check of the necessary materials according to the contract, forbidding bad materials getting into workshops.

We will strictly obey the contract during the production process, correct the substandard production, completely follow customers' specific requirements.

The quality assurance department will undertakes strict inspections on every performance parameter of the products after the accomplishment of the production.

The qualified products will have factory certifications, with identification card sticked on, be packaged according to the requirements and be sent to the warehouses.

In-warranty period
The products will be sent to the assigned places, installed and debugged. The warranty period is 12 months after they are verified that everything works properly.

During the warranty period, you can contact us for any question about abnormal phenomena nor query by phone and email. We will supply solutions to you in 8 hours.

If you need spare parts and accessories, we will send them to assigned address and direct the installation methods in time.

If we can't solve the question on phone, we will send engineering to fix the product on-site after negotiating with customers.

Out-of-Warranty period
When the product is out of warranty period, it will only take cost expense if you need to change accessories.

We will provide lifelong after-sales service and technical support

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