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Portable Plastic Dryer

Portable plastic dryer is applied to dry all kinds of plastic raw materials, and it can also dry different materials with different colors, especially the materials which require high temperature accuracy, have many colors but little quantity. Besides, portable plastic drying machine is suitable for the preheating and drying of products from food, medicine, electron and electroplating industry.

1. Portable plastic dryer adopts precise PID electronic temperature controllers which can help have uniform drying effect.

2. This portable dryer is equipped with high temperature sealing doors which can keep the same temperature and reduce the thermal consumption.

3. The plastic drying machine uses stainless steel drying plates which can prevent the raw materials being polluted.

4. The wind flow from the wind intake vent can be adjusted conveniently.

5. Our plastic drying unit has 24h timing devices whose operation is easy

6. Also the plastic dryer is equipped with over temperature protector in order to prevent over temperature during drying.

7. Equipped with protectors for the motor to prevent motors broken.

8. The caution lights can indicating faults immediately.

Parameters: (The voltage, blades and assigned functions are marked behind)
Mode Dimension
Inner size
Electric heat power
Windmill motor
temperature controlling scope
plate rail's quantity Load capacity
Weight (KG)
FCD-5 1260*791*560 660*600*500 3 0.5 250 5 45 115
FCD-9 1480*791*560 900*600*500 4 0.5 250 9 81 148
FCD-20 1710*661*1400 1100*1200*600 12 1 250 20 180 400

1. F-Muchuan; C- Case Design; D-Dryer; Number: layer's number of the oven (layer).

2. The standard motor is Jiuzhou motor and 304#stainless steel heating wire.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: 316#stainless steel heating wire, etc.

1. Hopper Plastic Dryer is equipped with Jiuzhou motor whose heating wires are made of 304#stainless steel.

2. The machine parts belong to Schneider and Zhengtai Electric.

3. The inner pallets are made of 304#stainless steel.

4. Customers can order the non-standard size.

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