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Vertical Plastic Mixer

Vertical plastic mixer is mainly applied to the mixture of plastic granules (such as PP, PE, PET, PVC, PU), color masterbatch or toner, additives, waste particles, etc. The spindle of the mixer is driven by the motor, and the blades stir the materials, so that the material can be evenly stirred.

1. Vertical plastic mixer is installed with 4 caster wheels and designed with vertical structure. With small volume, it is easy to move from one place to another.

2. Vertical plastic mixing machine adopts cycloid pin gear transmission motor which has low noise and long life.

3. This plastic mixer can finish mixing the materials in 5-30 minutes.

4. The plastic machine also uses stainless steel material, and it is convenient to clean up. The design can effectively prevent the corrosion.

5. The barrelhead and the bottom of the bucket are produced by stamping method, so they are well matched up and have long life.

6. Users can set the mixing time from 0 minute to 30 minutes by the timer.

Parameters: (The voltage, blades and assigned functions are marked behind.)
Type Power(HP) Capacity (KG) Voltage(V) Shape size (MM) Speed(r/min) Net weight(KG)
FVM-25 1 25 3φ 380 720*720*920 85 83
FVM-50 2 50 3φ 380 830*830*1130 85 125
FVM-100 4 100 3φ 380 1000*1000*1230 65 180
FVM-150 5.5 150 3φ 380 1130*1130*1380 65 270
FVM-200 10 200 3φ 380 1200*1200*1520 65 313

1. F-Muchuan; V- Vertical Design; M- Plastic Mixer , Number: Capacity of the material bucket (KG).

2. The standard motor is Guomao cycloid pin gear transmission motor.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: 316#stainless steel, the inlet and the outlet of the material.

1. Schneider and Zhengtai Electric.

2. Cycloid pin gear transmission motor. (Guomao gear motor)

3. 304#stainless steel material mixing buckets and blades.

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