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Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Air cooled screw chiller adopts screw compressors which has lager power than the scroll compressors. The screw chillers are usually applied to chemical plants, ink print plants, automobile factories, central air conditioning systems or other large industrial refrigeration.

The complete protection functions ensure the steady work of this cooling unit.

It is no need to take isolation measures due to the quite slight vibration of air cooled chiller (one set of the unit).

Air cooled screw chillers have independent cooling loops. It will not influence the usage of the whole machine if a single device should be repaired or maintained.

1. Muchuan air cooled screw chillers adopt high efficiency helical rotor compressors whose efficiency can be 20%-30% higher than general compressors.

2. Refrigerant capacity controlling is achieved by using four gears (from100%, 75%, 50% to 25%) or three gears(from 100%, 66% to 33%) or no gear control system.

3. Air cooled screw chiller adopts the combination of 11 bearings and a type axial thrust balancing drums which can extend bearing's lifetime to 2.5-3.5 times.

4. This screw chiller is designed with high efficiency silicon steel sheet groove. Water and refrigerant have their own flow channels, so the flow channels can be quickly cooled. This design can make the compressor's motor achieve the highest efficiency with any load.

5. The cooling unit has many kinds of coolant to be selected. Besides R22 (Refrigerant), we also can use R134a, R407c or other eco-friendly refrigerant.

6. Air cooled screw chiller adopts special oil pressure system. It can remain the best lubricating effect without oil pressure pumps. The oil separator uses double layer filtration method, resulting good filtration effect. The heat exchanger can work with its maximum capacity.

7. The volume ratios of compressors (VI=2.2/2.6/3.0/3.5) can be selected. This function avoids the extra energy wasting caused by over-compressed or lack-compressed.

Category Air cooled screw chiller
Parameter/type FAS-40CS FAS-50CS FAS-60CS FAS-70CS FAS-80CS FAS-100CS FAS-110CS FAS-120CS FAS-140CS FAS-160CS
Rated Refrigerating Capacity 50HZ Btu/h 326720 415142 470449 470449 545557 630566 862718 933729 1112281 1242696
kw 95.7 121.6 137.8 137.8 159.8 184.7 252.7 273.5 325.8 364
kcal/h 82302 104576 118508 118508 137428 158842 217322 235210 280188 313040
usrt 27.2 34.6 39.2 39.2 45.4 52.5 71.9 77.8 92.6 103.5
Input Power 380V/3P/50HZ
Compressor Power KW 35.5 44.2 45.6 45.6 52.9 60.5 81.1 88 103.5 114.6
Quantity unit 40HP*1 50HP*1 60HP*1 60HP*1 70HP*1 80HP*1 110HP*1 120HP*1 140HP*1 160HP*1
Components that produce a pressure drop by temperance flow Thermal Expansion Valve
Refrigerant R22
condenser Style Copper Tubes With Aluminum Fins
Evaporator form Tube
Standard Frozen Water Flow m³/h 16.46 20.91 23.7 23.7 27.48 31.76 43.45 47.03 56.02 62.59
Standard Tube Aperture DN 80 80 80 80 80 80 100 100 100 100
Machine's Weight KG 925 1080 1200 1200 1500 1680 2150 2360 2800 3000

1. F-Muchuan; A-Air cooled; S- screw compressors , Number: Power of the compressor (HP), CS-Single screw compressor, CD-double screw compressor

2. The standard compressor is Hanbell screw compressors

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different National voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: assigned band compressors, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel pumps and so on.

1. Air cooled screw chiller uses Hanbell screw compressors. Other brands of the compressors like Danfoss, Bristol and so on.

2. Air cooled screw chiller uses Tecota Motori pump. Order pumps can also be selected.

3. The heat exchanger is the device which is used to exchange heat between cold and hot flow. The tube condenser has good heat sinking ability.

4. The cooling unit is equipped with advanced temperature controllers which have man-machine conversation interfaces. It has steady ability and high control accuracy.

5. The main electric components are air switches, exchange contactors. All of them are from Schneider.

6. The safety devices include phase sequence protectors, three phases overload relays, high and low voltage switches, oil pressure switches, security containers, built-in thermostats in compressors, anti-icers, exhaust pressure stabilizer.

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