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Industrial Air Cooled Chiller

Industrial air cooled chiller is usually applied to plastic, electronic manufacture, electroplate, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, printing, laser and other industrial fields. The usage of the industrial air cooled chiller during the producing and cooling of the mold can reduce the product cycle, cool the devices to remain the formal temperature or work other areas. The industrial air cooled chiller can improve the surface gloss, reduce the marks and interior stress, reduce the shrinkage and deformation, make it easier to take the plastic products out of the molds, accelerate the forming, so the efficiency of the plastic molding machines is largely improved.

1. Compressor: Panasonic screw compressor features high quality, low noise and steady operation. The compressor of different bands can be selected such as Copeland, Tecumseh, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Bristol and so on.

2. Pump: The air cooled chiller adopts Guangzhou Aote Pump which can save energy and raise efficiency. (Customers can also select the Nanfang pump and Aukelan pump.)

3. Heat exchanger: Heat exchanger is the device used for exchange the heat between cold and hot flow. The condenser uses the fin heat exchanger. The evaporator adopts the tube heat exchanger.

4. Controller: The industrial air cooled chiller is equipped with advanced temperature controllers. The advanced temperature controllers have steady performance, man-machine interaction operating interfaces and high control accuracy.

5. Electronic component: The electronic components of the industrial air cooled chiller mainly include: air switch, AC contactor, thermal relay. All of these electronic components are from the brand of Schneider. These components can promise the steady operation and long operation lives of the devices.

6. Safety equipment: high and low voltage switches, overheat control fuses, built-in thermostats in compressors.

7. No-installation cooling power: It's convenient to install and move, and suitable for occasions where lack of water source. It is equipped with precision digital display temperature controllers which can accurately control the temperature of water.

Parameter/Type FAC-3 FAC-5 FAC-8 FAC-10 FAC-15 FAC-20 FAC-25 FAC-30
Freezing Ability kcal/HR 6680 11000 16168 22500 45000 65704 110768 109881
Refregerant Medium R22
Compressor Motor KW 2.2 3.7 6 7.5 11.25 15 18.75 22.5
Cooling Air Flow CFM 1630 3900 4620 6482 12600 18900 15800 18740
Fan Diameter MM 350*2 350*2 450*2 450*2 500*3 550*3 550*3
Voltage 380V-400V/3PHASE(50HZ-60HZ)
Tank Capacity LITER 60 60 160 160 320 360 380 420
Pump Power KW 0.37 0.37 0.75 0.75 1.5 1.5 2.2 3.75
Freezing Water Flow L/MIN 22 37 54 78 110 150 183 218
Safety Device High and low voltage switches. Overheat control fuses. Built-in thermostats in compressors
Weight KG 160 160 320 410 595 750 780 900
External Size 
Length 1170 1170 1520 1520 2100 2100 2200 2500
Width 630 630 790 790 800 880 1050 1350
Height 1170 1170 1560 1560 1560 1430 1860 1860

1. F-Muchuan; A-Air cooled; C-Chiller; Number: Power of the compressor.

2. The standard compressor is Sanyo compressor.

3. Please select the suitable standard voltage according to different national voltage requirements of different countries.

4. Customers can order nonstandard functions, such as: assigned brand compressors, stainless steel tanks, stainless steel pumps and so on.

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